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[Dracula sits at one of the packed tables contemplating a beer that he can only manage tiny sips of. His manner is very relaxed, but there is a sadness around his eyes that totally ruins his usual mask of indifference. He has met too many beautiful and interesting women who are going to die. One has a few years left, but the others will fall into oblivion at the end of the night. It is not right; it is not fair. Never have humans seemed more mayfly-lived and fragile than they do to him now, and it is giving him unaccustomed heartache.]

...Why? [he rasped softly in his unmistakable accent.] Why should I get a second chance when they do not?

[The question is best directed at the Admiral, but he cannot wish for a single one of those lives to be saved until he makes graduation and becomes a Warden. If he manages it. Right now he is so wrapped in grief for people he barely  knows that he can't even think about making plans for his examination and exorcism. It doesn't help that he hasn't been able to get in contact with Luke.]

All three of them deserve better.

[He chokes down another sip of beer.]
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