For [community profile] lastvoyages: Journal Entry 45 [voice+spam]

Apr. 18th, 2012 11:07 am
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[spam for 8th Floor]
[A terrible row is coming from within Cabin 16; inhuman roaring, smashing, thuds, and the sound of heavy wood furniture being knocked to splinters. It is so violent that the heavy, ironbound oak door shakes in its frame. Dracula has almost completely lost it, at long last, and he is done with swallowing his anger down and letting it turn into despair. At least he manages to take it out on his furniture instead of people. For now. But eventually there is nothing left to destroy, and the noise grows silent save for a long snarl.]

[private to Narvin]
[Dracula's voice is a metallic, inhuman rumble, full of rage.]

I will need replacements for all of my furniture.

And I strongly suggest that you let me into the CES and leave me there for at least a few days.

[post-Omega spam for CES: All Wednesday]
[There is a beast loose in the CES, and he doesn't give a damn about much of anything. He's avoiding people, because he knows that at the slightest conflict his rage will likely lead to someone's injury or death, but there are too many people even here for him to avoid them completely. So he tries to fill himself on animal blood and vent on the environment as best he can. But what he really rages against is not animals or stones or deadfalls, but so many he has had to deal with here. Hell is other people.] 
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