Jan. 17th, 2012

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[private to Lestat]
The vampire hunters are growing more numerous, powerful and influential; they now outnumber us. We can expect no particular backup from my former Bride, as she is a Warden and bound by their rules. I am certain that as these genocidal bastards grow more numerous they will grow braver about their "crusade" as well. Soon, in spite of the fact that it is not their right  here, I am certain they will attempt a hunt. We must determine what to do under such circumstances...off the network. Thus I wish to meet in person. These self-righteous filth must not be allowed to persecute us! Not again...

[Spam for 8th Floor Common Room]
[Bitter laugher echoes through the air. Sitting cross-legged on the ceiling of the common room, Dracula reads the letter from Armand one last time, savoring each sappy, hypocritical word. The human ran home to his wife, abandoning his duties and obligations, just as so many have before in this place. Wardens. So completely typical. For days, he was devastated; but then he got some objectivity on the issue and realized: what precisely had the human done for him? Not much. Not much at all. And now he is gone, leaving Dracula with neither representation nor access to his precious hunting grounds.]

[His laughter swells manically for a moment and then cuts off in a low growl. Tossing the fragile paper into the air, he claws at it with his newly-boosted speed, shredding it into illegible confetti before it can fall out of his reach. Armand had gotten one thing right, certainly; the little man had seen to it that a significant portion of his powers had just been restored. The burden of humiliation and weakness that bowed his shoulders has been partly lifted after so long, and now...he feels more himself than he had since coming here.]
If the hunters do attack us I will have a terrible surprise waiting for them.


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