Feb. 26th, 2012

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[The voice is hollow and tinged with madness. The camera pans across the pickets of a low metal fence, every few of the iron spears capped by a severed head in a GeneCop mask. Two other severed heads have joined the four--both Repos, their faces showing.]

Heh ha...

[A white, clawed hand removes the GeneCops' masks one at a time, revealing the horrified and agonized expressions of the faces beneath.]

[Dracula's voice rasps softly, broken by little snickers and the odd rumbling laugh.]

Dear, dear "repossession artists". Tell me, do these faces seem familiar to you? Coworkers? Friends, perhaps? Now...how does that make you feel? Pain? Outrage? Helplessness? I don't imagine it makes you fear, since you seem universally to be idiots. Otherwise you would never have challenged me.

You decided to join in the murder game, children. But what you forgot is that there are people out here who are better at the game than you are. And when you started attacking me and killing my friends...your lives became forfeit.

[The talons push one of the faces' slack mouths up into a smile.]


[The camera pans around the graveyard, focusing briefly on various landmarks.]

Here is where I am! Come, try and avenge your fellows! Come and add to my collection! 

[The feed cuts, and Dracula takes off immediately, heading for an old house at the very edge of the graveyard. He scrambles up the wall and finds a roof gable to perch on, and crouches low, watching for his prey to come into sight. He knows there is a possibility that he will be the one to die...but at least that way he will get to stop feeling for a while.]


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