Mar. 9th, 2012

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[Dracula transformed in the shower.]

[Ironically, he didn't entirely need to shower; he did not sweat, and only got dirty after killing in the CES or working in the gardens. But he loved the feel of being warm, and the shower was a luxury in spite of the relative lack of privacy. So he was humming and scrubbing away, nose wrinkled at the smell of the modern soap, when the Barge jolted and he found himself running his hands over a tall, athletic woman's slim curves. Normally he'd have been delighted by such a development, except that said curves were, inexplicably, now his. Or hers, rather. Once the initial shock was sorted out, Dracula discovered that the clothes he had brought in no longer fit her. This required her to make a mad dash for her room clad only in a towel. Never had she been so glad for vampiric speed....]

[It seems she is to spend the rest of her weekend in her chambers. Not because she is particularly ashamed of her new form, but rather because suddenly not a damn thing in her closet fits her. And so she is swathed in her fullest-length leather coat, buttoned up and belted tightly around her waist, with one of her dress shirts underneath--but is barefoot and bare-legged under the edge of the coat. She's hoping nobody notices as she sneaks out to the Library to get herself enough books to last the weekend.] 


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