Mar. 28th, 2012

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[Dracula, haggard and even more sunken looking than usual, stares at the screen. He wants very much to go into a rant. He wants to scream that he is tired of Hunters and their genocidal madness, their casual racism and hate, their harassing him now, after taking everything from him. He wants to demand that his people’s right to live be placed as equal with that of every other race. He wants to curse out Aleera for expecting him to forgive the Hunters and wish them well, when they themselves would never ever extend him the same courtesy. Certainly he wants to curse her out for simultaneously breaking his newly-awakened heart. But he knows that all speaking will get him is mocked, so after a moment, he scowls, reaches over, and switches the communicator to a private channel.]

[Private to Luke]

I need to be let into the CES and left there until my gardening shift—at minimum. More if you will allow it. I want nothing to do with the people on this damned crate right now. If anyone asks where I have gone, especially Aleera or those genocidal murderers, I ask that you not tell them.


[Spam for deck/above deck]

[He doesn’t want to be around anyone. But he has to wait outside for Luke to come and open the CES door for him. So until Luke arrives, he flies high in the air above the deck, turning in slow, melancholy circles as he tries to distract himself.]


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