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 [The feed flickers on to reveal a looming dragon face in various shades of brown. No cause for alarm! This is Transfiguration Professor Kieran MacGregor in his natural form; his draconic name is unpronounceable, and he generally goes by "Mac".  His yellow eyes gleam with good humor, and that might be a wry twist to his (fortunately) close-mouthed smile. He hmmmms for a moment, thoughtfully letting a thin stream of smoke out of one nostril. Then he settles back a bit and props his chin on one balled-up talon.]

Well, good morning, everyone. It looks like we have an excellent weekend brewing. For those with Transfiguration or other questions, I shall be on the South Lawn all afternoon. 

[Advanced Transfiguration Students Filter]
I'm pleased to announce that I have a semester long extra credit opportunity available to any of you who are interested. For more details, contact me on network or visit me during office hours. Please note that this is a theoretical challenge that will be presented as a paper; I don't want any of you accidentally turning yourselves into cabbages while demonstrating your ideas.

[Private to Mozenrath]
You'll want to have a look at this opportunity I just outlined. I believe that the subject may well catch your interest.

[Spam for South Lawn]
[The day has grown increasingly warm, and Mac is thoroughly enjoying it. The rather large dragon is sprawled out on his back, wings spread, squinting blissfully as he basks in the sun. Every once in a while he stretches--carefully--and cranes his head up to look around in case anyone else wants some of the space he's taking up. Then he flops back down with a contented rumble.]

[[OOC: Meet Mac! He's a Scots immigrant, a relatively new teacher who arrived a few years ago, and of course, a dragon. He is a Transfiguration expert, and usually walks around in human form while inside the school or giving classes--though sometimes he merely shrinks himself down to VW Bug sized and gives classes that way. He is friendly, has a soft spot for students, and has an excellent sense of humor. But behind the scenes, he's using his shapeshifting abilities and superhuman senses to spy on all of you. Not out of malice; it is merely his way of looking after things, and satisfying his insatiable curiosity. He speaks in a rumbling brogue unless deliberately disguising his voice.]]

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