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 [Dracula walked back into the gladiators' section, seized a bucket of water from one of the serving slaves and dashed it over his head, then shook out his hair as he heaved in enormous breaths. Blood sluiced to the straw-covered floor and tinkled through the wooden grates below. Most of it belonged to the tusked lizard-beast he had just slain. He examined the fresh scratches across his bare chest, and scowled. In this environment any wound was going to infect. His only hope was to stay alive long enough that they could be rescued, which would get complicated if he spiked a fever in this heat.]

[One of the guards leaned in to tell him he had half an hour to rest and prepare himself for the next bout. He took the offered cup of wine, nodding, and found a bench that was relatively clean. He sniffed it and examined it carefully before taking an experimental sip.]

[Footsteps caught his attention, and he turned to the barred inner door to the chamber. He looked up, schooling his face into a look of dull exhaustion that wasn't entirely a lie. Then the door unlocked, and they shoved someone in with him.]

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[Perry wheeled on his captors almost as soon as he was free of their grasp, though the force with which he'd been shoved into the chamber carried him forward on a stumble, fist banging uselessly against the closed door by the time he'd regained his footing.

Two and a half decades of surviving in the wastelands, and less than 48 hours after an unidentified ship crash-landed on the planet it had all gone to shit.

His clothes were torn and blood-stained on the side he'd hit the dirt with when they had finally--finally--caught up with him, but he was mostly intact save for what injuries he'd sustained when they'd dragged him in. Fresh for battle, to be worn down hour after hour until the fight finally left him.]

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Perry turned sharply to face the source of the unexpected voice, still clearly on edge from being hunted down to begin with. He glanced at the offered wine without speaking and, though it was patently unwise, took a long swig before returning it with a grateful nod. "Thanks."

He cast a wary look around their location, eyes settling on the entrance to the arena before he spoke again; "They took my gun." It would have been useless anyway-- and besides, he'd been out of ammunition. "What have we got in the way of weapons?"

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A significant portion of the apprehensive tension in his posture seemed to drain away as Dracula spoke, though he didn't take his eyes off of the arena entrance until that final assertion was made.

It earned a skeptical look, in no short supply of careful evaluation. No one ever escaped a Vanquish encampment and lived to tell about it. It was generally accepted that, once captured, one could only hope for a quick death.

"What happens then?"

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[Rorschach knew not to fight back by now. Not when they were sending him back to recuperate, anyway; the arena was a different story entirely, but once it was over, once the dust had settled, blood dripping from the latest injuries to clump and stain in the sand underfoot, the fight went out of him almost immediately. Fight the lizard men when they came to collect after and he'd barely be conscious again before he was dragged back out.

The more he seemed to break, the less attention they paid him between rounds anyway.

He tumbled to the ground with the force, half because he was too spent to bother standing, half because he knew they wouldn't look so close if they thought he was already out again, and stayed there until they left, only then taking inventory. He pushed himself to sitting, a slow, careful process, then stripped off the two exterior layers remaining, vest and dress shirt, using the latter to bind one of the worse injuries from the latest bout, a cruel looking slash across his side he hadn't quite been fast enough to avoid.]

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[A vaguely suspicious look gets sent the vampire's way, not so much because of who he is or what he was as the gesture itself, but he accepts the bucket anyway, too tired to argue at the moment. He scoops a few handfuls of water, cleaning away the worst of the mess while he's got the opportunity, and another few scoops go towards the visible spots clean-up missed, but whereas most just dump, he opts for a more judicious approach. No need to waste. A few gulps of what's left and he's ready to talk.]

Appreciate it.

Must have taste for accuracy.

[A wry twist of lips, though not especially surprised.]

Wouldn't have hurt her.

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[Well. He can be, but he needs a little more to go on. Certainly not a slip of a serving girl who's in no better of a situation than they are.

There's the briefest of twitches in one shoulder, something easily missed if you're not looking for it.]

Still alive.

[And that's really the best that can be said about the situation; everything hurts, it's just a matter of degree, and he's still moving, but it's only because he's too stubborn to know when to quit. If he's breathing he can move, he can fight, and maybe one of these times he'll have fooled them into complacency enough that he can find his entrance to make his exit. It's the only thing still keeping him going at this point.]

Rescue. You think so?

[He sounds doubtful. It reeks too much of unfounded optimism.]

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Hendricks was less covered in blood. He'd done his damage to the other man they'd made him fight just the same-- regretted every crack of bone and the wet sound of metal in flesh.

His training in firearms and bouncer-style hand to hand hadn't prepared him for this--it would have got him killed. But he'd been schooled by Sigrun and sparred against the Einherjar, tried his metal against the old warriors, and he knew his way around a broadsword now.

He gave his bargemate a quick, dull look, grunted. Well, this sucked.

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"Kinda is." He slumped into the seat, shutting his eyes, weary. He'd fought for his life before but never like this, fight after fight, battle after battle. His ribs ached, his face a mess of bruises, slashes along his skin. He was pissed. That he'd be used like this. That anyone could take pleasure in this kind of bullshit blood sport.

"But I'm enduring."

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"Hendricks. I hate to be an asshole, but I think I've heard of you."

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"Yeah? In my universe Stoker was working for the White Court Vamps. It was a hit piece against their political rivals. Less a balanced biography," Hendricks said, lifting one shoulder in an aching shrug.

"Name's Hendricks."

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"I get that impression," Hendricks said. "I would have lost my first fight if she hadn't been tired. Then they threw me straight at another one."

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A heavy nod. "Been working on that. Non-fatal stuff. But pretty. Got a hell of a goose egg, but nobody died last fight."

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"I could do with less of that, too. But if we gotta." He shrugged-- and then rose when the servant came back with water, taking the bucket and ducking his whole head in.

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Faith paused, until she was shoved forward again; Dracula. Not exactly the person she'd choose to fight with, even with her powers - without them... even if he was human too...

Not that she wanted to fight him anyhow, she reminded herself; but it was too easy to slip into the thought that she had to fight something.

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"Still look better than you." There's a weary smile on her face as she speaks, the teasing quality of her voice somewhat tired. It was... It was hard on her.

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"Can't say I blame you," she shrugged, looking about.

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[Not that life here will be much better, but...] Least it won't be you doing it.


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