Apr. 28th, 2012

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 [Dracula is a little dressed down today, white shirtsleeves rolled and collar open to the top of his wine velvet vest. He's lounging on his window seat amid a pile of furs and velvet pillows, smiling a bit lazily for the camera.]

If we're to have a feast, then I propose some entertainments. It has been a while since I fought at tourney for the enjoyment of the crowd, if anyone wishes to cross practice swords with me.  In addition, if I could persuade someone to let me into the CES, it's going to be a lovely night for flying.

...yes, I am willing to give rides.

...yes, Peter, you can be first. [All the mock long-sufferingness]

In addition, though I'd love if there was provision for music and dancing, I also rather miss the old tradition of telling tales of glory. I have many such tales, and I am certain that I am not the only one!

So who's for it?

[Spam for CES]
[Dracula is here, being a big old showoff, whether it's around the bonfire telling stories, nearby crossing swords with someone, or overhead flying for fun. He'll be here all night when he's not attending any other Barge events.]


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