May. 12th, 2012

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 [Richard Grant lounges in his trailer, which is full of comic book and superhero movie memorabilia, a shelf of graphic novels and a typical mancave style media setup. He's out of makeup, freshly scrubbed from the shower, with his spiky blond hair windtunneled and damp. His eyes twinkle, and he offers the camera a cheery and slightly mischievous smile. His light Aussie accent is as far from Dracula's Slavic rasp as humanly possible.]

Right! So, rained in. That's fine, plenty of entertainment to be found if we're willing to make it for ourselves, both for the sake of the business and not. There are rumblings of a party, and my fans keep sending me beer, so I think that part's set. But I need to stretch my legs. Who's for a game of mudball outside?

I'll be doing stunts practice later for those who want to keep in trim, though I'd like to stay out of the flight harness today. [He winces and rubs one jeans-clad leg.] I like being able to walk.

I have also...[He turns the screen of his laptop around to face the camera.] ...been catching up on fan fiction. All I can say is that I haven't laughed so hard since the last Twilight movie. According to this week's crop, George is currently carrying Dracula's lovechild, Drac and Hoffman end up having combat sex to help him get over his wife...right, well, it's a basketload of slash again. Written by girls. Oh, here's another Dracula/Hoffman. Why don't these ladies just admit that they want to be the meat in an angry sandwich and have done with it?

I will never understand, though, why Dracula always gets paired with men. I mean, what about him says "Oh, my darling Arthas, let us marry and have a glorious kingdom of assbabies together!"? [His transition into Dracula's accent is smooth and instant. Then back to himself.]

Oh well, fans, gotta love them. [He picks up a plushie bat someone sent him and eyes it, then tosses it back onto his bed.]

[spam for all Breach]
[Richard will be wandering around all Breach, goofing off, flirting, being Friendly Mentor Guy to the youngin's, and generally being warm and cheerful. He's the sort who wants to be friends with all the guys and friends-with-benefits with all the girls (though he's gentle and amusing about it). He will also be checking up on his friends. Please bug him! Multiples and groups welcome.]


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