Oct. 17th, 2012

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 [Dracula wears a modern indigo suit and faces the camera with a smile. He looks calm and cheerful, with a faint glitter of mischief in his eyes. He is sitting against a stone wall with a sleek silver kitty on his lap. He pets her idly.]

Does anyone besides me miss regular Movie Nights? I have a collection and some time I could contribute to the effort.

[warden filter]
[Aaaand suddenly he's all business, though he keeps petting the cat.]

Per the recent announcement, I have been paired with Emil Blonsky. He will be watched, but he has a strong potential for violence. Please inform me immediately of any threats made by, or confrontations with, my Inmate and yourselves or your own charges. I will follow up quickly. Thank you in advance.

[private to Kay and Narvin]
I wished to speak with you in greater depth regarding this potential security risk. In addition, if you will recall the offer made when I was still an Inmate...I am happy to make myself available as needed to assist in any efforts.

[private to Bruce Banner]
I am Emil Blonsky's new Warden. I have been monitoring him closely. We should probably talk. Perhaps the Conference Room? It is best if we were not seen coming to each other's suites or talking in public. I have no doubt that he is monitoring me as well. 

[private to the Marquis de Sade]
I'm finally caught up on all of your work. Quite brilliant. We should visit sometime. Have you ever tried hot-tubbing?

[In reality, he's a bit concerned for the Marquis, knowing he had lost much in the last six months. And why had they never really conversed?]


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