Mar. 27th, 2013

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[Dracula looks a bit grumpy and tired, but he smiles gamely for the camera. He's dressed in modern slacks and turtleneck, and has his hair down.]

Well. It seems that the Admiral's new austerity policy continues to get worse. And he's decided that taunting us is also "for the greater good".  Allow me to assure you that, along with many other Wardens, I have come to the conclusion that the Admiral's current decisions are absolutely full of crap. [He rolls the R's extravagantly.] And, like many of you, I am concerned as to how far he will decide to go.

I have been in the habit of maintaining food and TruBlood stores in quantity since the last takeover. In a pinch, the latter can be used for transfusions. As for the former, should the Admiral decide that such things as eating are unnecessary luxuries, I will open my larder. I am hoping to gain some assistance in this endeavor, so if you have food stores you are willing to share, please mention it.

[friends filter: "one friendly conversation" applies]
Also, frankly, I am certain we would all go a little mad with no fun at all around here. Therefore I am opening my Great Hall on a semi-regular basis. If you need a soak in the hot tub, some time watching the motion pictures or playing the video games, or what have you, let me know with some advance warning and I shall oblige you.

[private to Bruce Banner]

Dr. Banner! I apologize for the timing on this, but in the hopes that the current insanity will end before we're floating along in the multiversal equivalent of a Stalinist prison, I have an intriguing medical case for you.

...another way of putting that is, you're not going to believe what Blonsky just asked of me.

[private to Tirion Fordring]
We should probably talk about Arthas.

[private to Lia]
How are you doing? I have something for you. Also, has the new Warden allowed you a weapon yet, or do I need to talk to him?

[private to Chris]
I just finished a few most excellent books on la Famiglia. [He uses the slang as a test; if he's right in his suspicions Chris will know immediately of what he speaks.] It is strange how what was set down in history so rarely includes the truth about their origins and purpose.

Also, excellent teamwork on the whole undersea-battle thing. The Kraken's tentacles were barbed and I was left with a few. They're quite substantial. If you'd like some.

[private to Blonsky]

I just cleared all the furniture out of my entry hall. The walls are reinforced stone. And you just got a power upgrade. Care to test it out?

Oh, and I spoke to Banner about the medical matters.

...also, if my pulo of a boss turns your room into a cell, you're staying with me for the duration.

[night patrol spam--all public areas]

[Dracula walks silently through the corridors, a faint scowl on his long pale face as he weighs his options. He's weathered a lot here, but at this point he has grown tired of it all. As amazing as it is to meet people from different worlds and even travel to them sometimes, and as much as he wants to see Blonsky through to freedom and grant the females of his race the benefits of his Deal...the Admiral has devolved in the last several months from an abrasive eccentric to a complete cacanar whose actions make the Wardens' jobs harder. And harder. And harder....]

[It is starting to not only feel like it isn't worth it to stay, but like the Admiral is stacking the odds so hard against his own hirees that graduating Blonsky--or anyone--is going to be almost impossible. Nor does he think much of some of the standing rules. Especially that whole matter of leaving mortal Inmates as disarmed and powerless as possible in a dangerous environment. It makes no sense to him. And he is starting to think about doing something about it that might make him a lot of enemies among the Wardens.]

[He keeps to the shadows as much as he can, brooding as he walks along, his big boots oddly silent on the floors. Now and again his irritation gets the better of him and his eyes flicker faintly silver for a few moments.]


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