For [community profile] lastvoyages: Journal Entry 55 [video+doublespam]

Feb. 21st, 2013 07:06 pm
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[friends locked--"one friendly conversation" applies]
[Dracula is searching the hallways again, sniffing occasionally. On his way, he drops a quick note to his friends.]

Ehm...has anyone seen a black cat in a black leather collar? Shorthair, very obnoxious when he wants something.

[A sheepish smile. Inside he's torn between "my poor kitty" and "I'm going to skin that little shit."]

[Open worried vampire spam]
[He's been haunting the halls for days now, peering into lounges and empty rooms, checking the kitchen cabinets and the roof of the greenhouse and every damn place else the cat's scent took him. Said cat, however, was always a step ahead of him.Worse, Dracula had no doubt that the furball was quite pleased to be leading him on this merry chase.]

[He grumbles to himself in Romanian as he goes, the polite, inoffensive expression he habitually wears in public starting to crumble.]

[Open nonchalant kitteh spam]
[Vegas was indeed having the time of his life, though he was getting tired of stealing kitchen scraps and hunting bugs. His two-legged slave was nowhere in sight, which was a shameful lapse of duty. Perhaps one of the other twolegs would supply food if he turned on the charm?]

[He sauntered up to a random door and started scratching at it, putting on his best "pathetic starving kitty" look.] Moooooooow!

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