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[Dracula looks a bit grumpy and tired, but he smiles gamely for the camera. He's dressed in modern slacks and turtleneck, and has his hair down.]

Well. It seems that the Admiral's new austerity policy continues to get worse. And he's decided that taunting us is also "for the greater good".  Allow me to assure you that, along with many other Wardens, I have come to the conclusion that the Admiral's current decisions are absolutely full of crap. [He rolls the R's extravagantly.] And, like many of you, I am concerned as to how far he will decide to go.

I have been in the habit of maintaining food and TruBlood stores in quantity since the last takeover. In a pinch, the latter can be used for transfusions. As for the former, should the Admiral decide that such things as eating are unnecessary luxuries, I will open my larder. I am hoping to gain some assistance in this endeavor, so if you have food stores you are willing to share, please mention it.

[friends filter: "one friendly conversation" applies]
Also, frankly, I am certain we would all go a little mad with no fun at all around here. Therefore I am opening my Great Hall on a semi-regular basis. If you need a soak in the hot tub, some time watching the motion pictures or playing the video games, or what have you, let me know with some advance warning and I shall oblige you.

[private to Bruce Banner]

Dr. Banner! I apologize for the timing on this, but in the hopes that the current insanity will end before we're floating along in the multiversal equivalent of a Stalinist prison, I have an intriguing medical case for you.

...another way of putting that is, you're not going to believe what Blonsky just asked of me.

[private to Tirion Fordring]
We should probably talk about Arthas.

[private to Lia]
How are you doing? I have something for you. Also, has the new Warden allowed you a weapon yet, or do I need to talk to him?

[private to Chris]
I just finished a few most excellent books on la Famiglia. [He uses the slang as a test; if he's right in his suspicions Chris will know immediately of what he speaks.] It is strange how what was set down in history so rarely includes the truth about their origins and purpose.

Also, excellent teamwork on the whole undersea-battle thing. The Kraken's tentacles were barbed and I was left with a few. They're quite substantial. If you'd like some.

[private to Blonsky]

I just cleared all the furniture out of my entry hall. The walls are reinforced stone. And you just got a power upgrade. Care to test it out?

Oh, and I spoke to Banner about the medical matters.

...also, if my pulo of a boss turns your room into a cell, you're staying with me for the duration.

[night patrol spam--all public areas]

[Dracula walks silently through the corridors, a faint scowl on his long pale face as he weighs his options. He's weathered a lot here, but at this point he has grown tired of it all. As amazing as it is to meet people from different worlds and even travel to them sometimes, and as much as he wants to see Blonsky through to freedom and grant the females of his race the benefits of his Deal...the Admiral has devolved in the last several months from an abrasive eccentric to a complete cacanar whose actions make the Wardens' jobs harder. And harder. And harder....]

[It is starting to not only feel like it isn't worth it to stay, but like the Admiral is stacking the odds so hard against his own hirees that graduating Blonsky--or anyone--is going to be almost impossible. Nor does he think much of some of the standing rules. Especially that whole matter of leaving mortal Inmates as disarmed and powerless as possible in a dangerous environment. It makes no sense to him. And he is starting to think about doing something about it that might make him a lot of enemies among the Wardens.]

[He keeps to the shadows as much as he can, brooding as he walks along, his big boots oddly silent on the floors. Now and again his irritation gets the better of him and his eyes flicker faintly silver for a few moments.]

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[friends locked--"one friendly conversation" applies]
[Dracula is searching the hallways again, sniffing occasionally. On his way, he drops a quick note to his friends.]

Ehm...has anyone seen a black cat in a black leather collar? Shorthair, very obnoxious when he wants something.

[A sheepish smile. Inside he's torn between "my poor kitty" and "I'm going to skin that little shit."]

[Open worried vampire spam]
[He's been haunting the halls for days now, peering into lounges and empty rooms, checking the kitchen cabinets and the roof of the greenhouse and every damn place else the cat's scent took him. Said cat, however, was always a step ahead of him.Worse, Dracula had no doubt that the furball was quite pleased to be leading him on this merry chase.]

[He grumbles to himself in Romanian as he goes, the polite, inoffensive expression he habitually wears in public starting to crumble.]

[Open nonchalant kitteh spam]
[Vegas was indeed having the time of his life, though he was getting tired of stealing kitchen scraps and hunting bugs. His two-legged slave was nowhere in sight, which was a shameful lapse of duty. Perhaps one of the other twolegs would supply food if he turned on the charm?]

[He sauntered up to a random door and started scratching at it, putting on his best "pathetic starving kitty" look.] Moooooooow!

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[Dracula has a laser pointer and is using it to tantalize something offscreen. From the scrabblescramble*reer* noises coming in response there are cats involved. He looks as amused as they apparently are.]

That whole experience was very bizarre, but I suspect we've all had worse. Still, I'd prefer we not visit that place again.

This is Vladislaus Dracula to whomever may be listening. Hello there, and may your week be considerably less chaotic than ours.

[spam for public areas]
[Dracula is very aware that the whole experience has destabilized the Barge population. It is always after the messiest Barge events that the worst things happen, and he is on guard for any trouble. He does not know what he will find, but he has been patrolling nightly since returning to his right mind. He does not hum, or do anything attention-getting as he usually does when wandering; instead he glides silently down the halls, expression grave and his sword at his side.]
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 [Dracula is back in his old uniform, with one important exception: the saber at his waist. He smiles tightly for the camera.]

According to the reports coming in, this region is, once again, hazardous. If you are in need of rescue, I will be keeping my communicator on and answering calls for help from dusk until dawn.

[friends filter]
Please tell me that none of you are leaving the Barge unarmed.

[private to Blonsky]
Captain! I need your status. If you're still in one piece and haven't turned into a drug-addled denizen of Sillyland, we have work to do. You'll like it. It involves availing yourself of my armory.

[Dracula notices something is amiss with his powers right away. He seems to have most of his strength and durability, but every time he tries to fly, walk up a wall or use his near-instantaneous speed, odd things happen. Once his feet got stuck to a tree. Once he flew up above the tree/mushroom line, only to discover that he was suddenly susceptible to being batted about by random breezes. His superspeed had caused him to overshoot and run into a wall. Apparently breaking laws of physics is a dodgy proposition in Wonderland. But he can still kick ass, and that is good enough.]

[He marches through the forest, nose open for the scent of living beings--especially familiar scents. He's probably hopelessly lost by this point, but he is filled with confidence. The tiny angel on his shoulder guides him.]

[If only the little horned bastard on the other shoulder would shut up for five minutes....]

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[Dracula knows there need to be more responsible adults around taking care of the kidlings, but he's been hesitant because oh God, they're so small. He might scare them, or accidentally break one or something. But duty calls, and besides...they are awfully cute.]

Hello there. If there any bored children or exhausted adults who have not seen the Lord of the Rings series or want to see it again, I will be playing it marathon style in the fore Common Room on the eighth floor. We shall watch the first two movies this afternoon, and The Return of the King after dinner. There will be popcorn and soda and these...chocolates...the Admiral gave me for some reason. [Seriously, he has a giant salad bowl of the stuff.] If anyone is still bored after that, I shall be taking people flying abovedecks afterward.

I will start in about an hour.

[Warden Filter]

Ehm...could someone show me how to make popcorn? [Halp. How do I food?]

[Friends Filter--use the One Friendly Conversation Rule]
Is everyone all right? Does anyone need anything?

[Private to Blonsky]

Please tell me you dodged this particular bullet. [He doesn't want Blonsky dealing with his childhood right now, it's as awful in its own way as his own.]
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 [Dracula wears a modern indigo suit and faces the camera with a smile. He looks calm and cheerful, with a faint glitter of mischief in his eyes. He is sitting against a stone wall with a sleek silver kitty on his lap. He pets her idly.]

Does anyone besides me miss regular Movie Nights? I have a collection and some time I could contribute to the effort.

[warden filter]
[Aaaand suddenly he's all business, though he keeps petting the cat.]

Per the recent announcement, I have been paired with Emil Blonsky. He will be watched, but he has a strong potential for violence. Please inform me immediately of any threats made by, or confrontations with, my Inmate and yourselves or your own charges. I will follow up quickly. Thank you in advance.

[private to Kay and Narvin]
I wished to speak with you in greater depth regarding this potential security risk. In addition, if you will recall the offer made when I was still an Inmate...I am happy to make myself available as needed to assist in any efforts.

[private to Bruce Banner]
I am Emil Blonsky's new Warden. I have been monitoring him closely. We should probably talk. Perhaps the Conference Room? It is best if we were not seen coming to each other's suites or talking in public. I have no doubt that he is monitoring me as well. 

[private to the Marquis de Sade]
I'm finally caught up on all of your work. Quite brilliant. We should visit sometime. Have you ever tried hot-tubbing?

[In reality, he's a bit concerned for the Marquis, knowing he had lost much in the last six months. And why had they never really conversed?]
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 [Dracula is bored and puttering around, finally getting around to unpacking his purchases and gifts and other whatnots. His heavy door is propped open invitingly, though he has locked the completely modern inner screen to prevent kitten leakage.]

[Dracula himself is in a deep burgundy and black smoking jacket and trousers, and is wandering around barefoot. The hot tub in his atrium is warming up, letting a steamy smell and a sound of bubbling out of his room.]

[A black kitten is clinging to the inside of the screen, watching everyone who walks by with enormous yellow eyes.]
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 Dracula appears onscreen looking...not smug, actually, just quietly satisfied. Purring is coming from somewhere. His entry room looks different, larger, and the sleeping alcove has vanished.

"As my now former Warden so succinctly put it, I have now graduated. I owe a debt of gratitude to him, and to many others, some of whom are no longer with us. I will not forget these debts. In order to repay the community I intend to return and serve as a Warden, as well as in certain other capacities. I will be gone for a few days. At the moment, too many people are injured for it to be politic to throw a party, but upon my return, perhaps we can get something together."

[Private to Willow] you mind checking in on my girls and making sure they have food and water while I am gone? I'll let you use my bathroom.

[Spam for Infirmary]
[Dracula is not leaving until he sees his fallen friends. It just isn't right otherwise, especially after carrying Zev home like that. So in he comes, looking around worriedly.]

[Spam in general]
[He's doing one last walk through of the common areas, knowing that when he comes back, it will be by choice. Everything looks somehow different now...every bit of the Barge, every person he looks at. He's more baffled at it all than proud of himself.]
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 [Dracula walked back into the gladiators' section, seized a bucket of water from one of the serving slaves and dashed it over his head, then shook out his hair as he heaved in enormous breaths. Blood sluiced to the straw-covered floor and tinkled through the wooden grates below. Most of it belonged to the tusked lizard-beast he had just slain. He examined the fresh scratches across his bare chest, and scowled. In this environment any wound was going to infect. His only hope was to stay alive long enough that they could be rescued, which would get complicated if he spiked a fever in this heat.]

[One of the guards leaned in to tell him he had half an hour to rest and prepare himself for the next bout. He took the offered cup of wine, nodding, and found a bench that was relatively clean. He sniffed it and examined it carefully before taking an experimental sip.]

[Footsteps caught his attention, and he turned to the barred inner door to the chamber. He looked up, schooling his face into a look of dull exhaustion that wasn't entirely a lie. Then the door unlocked, and they shoved someone in with him.]
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 [The feed flickers on to reveal a looming dragon face in various shades of brown. No cause for alarm! This is Transfiguration Professor Kieran MacGregor in his natural form; his draconic name is unpronounceable, and he generally goes by "Mac".  His yellow eyes gleam with good humor, and that might be a wry twist to his (fortunately) close-mouthed smile. He hmmmms for a moment, thoughtfully letting a thin stream of smoke out of one nostril. Then he settles back a bit and props his chin on one balled-up talon.]

Well, good morning, everyone. It looks like we have an excellent weekend brewing. For those with Transfiguration or other questions, I shall be on the South Lawn all afternoon. 

[Advanced Transfiguration Students Filter]
I'm pleased to announce that I have a semester long extra credit opportunity available to any of you who are interested. For more details, contact me on network or visit me during office hours. Please note that this is a theoretical challenge that will be presented as a paper; I don't want any of you accidentally turning yourselves into cabbages while demonstrating your ideas.

[Private to Mozenrath]
You'll want to have a look at this opportunity I just outlined. I believe that the subject may well catch your interest.

[Spam for South Lawn]
[The day has grown increasingly warm, and Mac is thoroughly enjoying it. The rather large dragon is sprawled out on his back, wings spread, squinting blissfully as he basks in the sun. Every once in a while he stretches--carefully--and cranes his head up to look around in case anyone else wants some of the space he's taking up. Then he flops back down with a contented rumble.]

[[OOC: Meet Mac! He's a Scots immigrant, a relatively new teacher who arrived a few years ago, and of course, a dragon. He is a Transfiguration expert, and usually walks around in human form while inside the school or giving classes--though sometimes he merely shrinks himself down to VW Bug sized and gives classes that way. He is friendly, has a soft spot for students, and has an excellent sense of humor. But behind the scenes, he's using his shapeshifting abilities and superhuman senses to spy on all of you. Not out of malice; it is merely his way of looking after things, and satisfying his insatiable curiosity. He speaks in a rumbling brogue unless deliberately disguising his voice.]]

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 [It took him a while, and a lot of confusion, before he was able to sort out what exactly in the Hell was happening to him. Finally he discovered the truth--that he was reading the thoughts of those around him. Fascinating, but it was giving him a bit of a headache. Still, his intense curiosity finally brought him out of his room, a small chinchilla kitten riding along in his coat pocket. When the chatter of random--and they were usually very random--thoughts around him grew too overwhelming, he focused on the kitten's mind and her simple dreams. Of course then she woke up and he got a headful of ??? as she peered curiously at everything around her.]

[He kept walking around, half eavesdropping on minds and half hoping to get into a nice distracting conversation to block out all the chatter.]

How does Narvin do this all the time?
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[Gloriously, accidentally public]



...two, three, four...oh damn it.

*mew* *mew* *mew* 

[scramble *thud*]

Will you stop climbing the drapes? *sigh*

All right. It's official. They're loose. Three of them.

[generous friends filter]  


[kitten spam for corridors]
[The pride had taken advantage of a temporarily opened door to make their escape in search of food. The cool-skinned giant had provided fish and water, but they were dedicatedly about the business of growing and didn't care to wait for set mealtimes.]

[Their leader, the red one, padded purposefully down the corridor, sniffing at doors while the pair of silver-greys with her waited for her signal before moving on. They fully intended to find food no matter how many doors they had to sniff at or stairs they had to climb. Or giants they had to charm.]

[later mildly panicked vampire spam for corridors]
[Dracula opens his door, hastily looking down to make sure more kittens do not spill out after him, and then sniffs the air frantically for kittenscent. He then turns and darts down the hallway, tracing the same general path as the kittens. He is so completely distracted that he doesn't notice the little black catlet cheerfully riding along in his coat pocket.]

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[Dracula is sitting at his desk, which has a substantial pile of library books and papers on it. The candles are all lit and the fire stoked, giving a good view of him. He is in his shirtsleeves and a smart dark blue vest in very subtle brocade. His expression is fairly pleasant, and his eyes, once vacant, now sparkle with curiosity and liveliness.]

When he left a friend of mine bequeathed me with a substantial portion of his motion picture collection. Of course, they involved a number of vampire movies, most of which are quite amusing. These, however, I have not seen yet. [He picks up a jewel case marked MST3K]. And apparently they are very amusing indeed.

Besides making the collection available for Movie Nights, I was wondering if anyone would like to join me for a viewing in the eighth floor common room once the proper arrangements are made?

Oh, and hello to any newcomers. I am Count Vladislaus Dracula...although chances are that I am not the man whom you associate with that name. 
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[Dracula feels better. He's felt better for days, but for most of those days he's been too out of it to function properly. He has some idea as to why, but the strange thing is that he's neither upset about it nor feeling any particular loss. Part of that is the weird streak of protectiveness he feels toward the one who might, maybe, possibly, be responsible...but most of it is a peculiar sense of relief.]

[He hasn't seen anyone for days save for two strangers, and he's bored of his room. He still doesn't think to contact anyone or go to the greenhouse, and he's not thirsty right now. So, he wanders, in his shirtsleeves, hair loose, and a look of slightly vacant confusion on his face. The lightheadedness has lessened considerably, allowing him to wander without knocking into things, but...he's clearly not all there, and seems very distracted.]

[OOC note: Dracula got zapped with some serious magic and is going to be a little derpy for a while as a side effect. Feel free to find him wandering somewhere in the public areas.]
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 [Richard Grant lounges in his trailer, which is full of comic book and superhero movie memorabilia, a shelf of graphic novels and a typical mancave style media setup. He's out of makeup, freshly scrubbed from the shower, with his spiky blond hair windtunneled and damp. His eyes twinkle, and he offers the camera a cheery and slightly mischievous smile. His light Aussie accent is as far from Dracula's Slavic rasp as humanly possible.]

Right! So, rained in. That's fine, plenty of entertainment to be found if we're willing to make it for ourselves, both for the sake of the business and not. There are rumblings of a party, and my fans keep sending me beer, so I think that part's set. But I need to stretch my legs. Who's for a game of mudball outside?

I'll be doing stunts practice later for those who want to keep in trim, though I'd like to stay out of the flight harness today. [He winces and rubs one jeans-clad leg.] I like being able to walk.

I have also...[He turns the screen of his laptop around to face the camera.] ...been catching up on fan fiction. All I can say is that I haven't laughed so hard since the last Twilight movie. According to this week's crop, George is currently carrying Dracula's lovechild, Drac and Hoffman end up having combat sex to help him get over his wife...right, well, it's a basketload of slash again. Written by girls. Oh, here's another Dracula/Hoffman. Why don't these ladies just admit that they want to be the meat in an angry sandwich and have done with it?

I will never understand, though, why Dracula always gets paired with men. I mean, what about him says "Oh, my darling Arthas, let us marry and have a glorious kingdom of assbabies together!"? [His transition into Dracula's accent is smooth and instant. Then back to himself.]

Oh well, fans, gotta love them. [He picks up a plushie bat someone sent him and eyes it, then tosses it back onto his bed.]

[spam for all Breach]
[Richard will be wandering around all Breach, goofing off, flirting, being Friendly Mentor Guy to the youngin's, and generally being warm and cheerful. He's the sort who wants to be friends with all the guys and friends-with-benefits with all the girls (though he's gentle and amusing about it). He will also be checking up on his friends. Please bug him! Multiples and groups welcome.]
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[private to Castiel]
The hunters have found out about my exorcism thanks to that damned flood.

I need to make certain that they will not be permitted to attend. No one gets to gloat over my suffering.

[Spam for Deck]
I have become comfortably numb.... )
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 [Dracula is a little dressed down today, white shirtsleeves rolled and collar open to the top of his wine velvet vest. He's lounging on his window seat amid a pile of furs and velvet pillows, smiling a bit lazily for the camera.]

If we're to have a feast, then I propose some entertainments. It has been a while since I fought at tourney for the enjoyment of the crowd, if anyone wishes to cross practice swords with me.  In addition, if I could persuade someone to let me into the CES, it's going to be a lovely night for flying.

...yes, I am willing to give rides.

...yes, Peter, you can be first. [All the mock long-sufferingness]

In addition, though I'd love if there was provision for music and dancing, I also rather miss the old tradition of telling tales of glory. I have many such tales, and I am certain that I am not the only one!

So who's for it?

[Spam for CES]
[Dracula is here, being a big old showoff, whether it's around the bonfire telling stories, nearby crossing swords with someone, or overhead flying for fun. He'll be here all night when he's not attending any other Barge events.]
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[spam for 8th Floor]
[A terrible row is coming from within Cabin 16; inhuman roaring, smashing, thuds, and the sound of heavy wood furniture being knocked to splinters. It is so violent that the heavy, ironbound oak door shakes in its frame. Dracula has almost completely lost it, at long last, and he is done with swallowing his anger down and letting it turn into despair. At least he manages to take it out on his furniture instead of people. For now. But eventually there is nothing left to destroy, and the noise grows silent save for a long snarl.]

[private to Narvin]
[Dracula's voice is a metallic, inhuman rumble, full of rage.]

I will need replacements for all of my furniture.

And I strongly suggest that you let me into the CES and leave me there for at least a few days.

[post-Omega spam for CES: All Wednesday]
[There is a beast loose in the CES, and he doesn't give a damn about much of anything. He's avoiding people, because he knows that at the slightest conflict his rage will likely lead to someone's injury or death, but there are too many people even here for him to avoid them completely. So he tries to fill himself on animal blood and vent on the environment as best he can. But what he really rages against is not animals or stones or deadfalls, but so many he has had to deal with here. Hell is other people.] 
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 [He starts out solemn and sad.] I would like to hear from, or about, those who have graduated while under an interim or no... [confusion]

...ehm, Warden...


Why am I sparkling?!?

[spam for all over/lazy log for all flood]
[See Dracula. See Dracula attempting to go about his business gardening, getting blood from the dining hall and waiting for Stildyne outside the CES while generating a big shiny cloud of auric energy. To those currently capable of seeing auras, just like his flustered self, Dracula's is just as flamboyant and dramatic as he is. It roils, it shimmers, it is full of grey depression, silver sadness, platinum gleams of hope--and little red jags of irritation that intensify and streak with fuscia embarrassment every damn time he notices the light show. And yes, it sparkles. It sparkles like a giant spill of Drake's best glitter eyeshadow. Maybe if he pretends that everything is normal, nobody will notice....]
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[Dracula sits at one of the packed tables contemplating a beer that he can only manage tiny sips of. His manner is very relaxed, but there is a sadness around his eyes that totally ruins his usual mask of indifference. He has met too many beautiful and interesting women who are going to die. One has a few years left, but the others will fall into oblivion at the end of the night. It is not right; it is not fair. Never have humans seemed more mayfly-lived and fragile than they do to him now, and it is giving him unaccustomed heartache.]

...Why? [he rasped softly in his unmistakable accent.] Why should I get a second chance when they do not?

[The question is best directed at the Admiral, but he cannot wish for a single one of those lives to be saved until he makes graduation and becomes a Warden. If he manages it. Right now he is so wrapped in grief for people he barely  knows that he can't even think about making plans for his examination and exorcism. It doesn't help that he hasn't been able to get in contact with Luke.]

All three of them deserve better.

[He chokes down another sip of beer.]
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