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Oct. 31st, 2012 10:30 pm
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 [Dracula is back in his old uniform, with one important exception: the saber at his waist. He smiles tightly for the camera.]

According to the reports coming in, this region is, once again, hazardous. If you are in need of rescue, I will be keeping my communicator on and answering calls for help from dusk until dawn.

[friends filter]
Please tell me that none of you are leaving the Barge unarmed.

[private to Blonsky]
Captain! I need your status. If you're still in one piece and haven't turned into a drug-addled denizen of Sillyland, we have work to do. You'll like it. It involves availing yourself of my armory.

[Dracula notices something is amiss with his powers right away. He seems to have most of his strength and durability, but every time he tries to fly, walk up a wall or use his near-instantaneous speed, odd things happen. Once his feet got stuck to a tree. Once he flew up above the tree/mushroom line, only to discover that he was suddenly susceptible to being batted about by random breezes. His superspeed had caused him to overshoot and run into a wall. Apparently breaking laws of physics is a dodgy proposition in Wonderland. But he can still kick ass, and that is good enough.]

[He marches through the forest, nose open for the scent of living beings--especially familiar scents. He's probably hopelessly lost by this point, but he is filled with confidence. The tiny angel on his shoulder guides him.]

[If only the little horned bastard on the other shoulder would shut up for five minutes....]

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