Oct. 24th, 2012

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[Dracula knows there need to be more responsible adults around taking care of the kidlings, but he's been hesitant because oh God, they're so small. He might scare them, or accidentally break one or something. But duty calls, and besides...they are awfully cute.]

Hello there. If there any bored children or exhausted adults who have not seen the Lord of the Rings series or want to see it again, I will be playing it marathon style in the fore Common Room on the eighth floor. We shall watch the first two movies this afternoon, and The Return of the King after dinner. There will be popcorn and soda and these...chocolates...the Admiral gave me for some reason. [Seriously, he has a giant salad bowl of the stuff.] If anyone is still bored after that, I shall be taking people flying abovedecks afterward.

I will start in about an hour.

[Warden Filter]

Ehm...could someone show me how to make popcorn? [Halp. How do I food?]

[Friends Filter--use the One Friendly Conversation Rule]
Is everyone all right? Does anyone need anything?

[Private to Blonsky]

Please tell me you dodged this particular bullet. [He doesn't want Blonsky dealing with his childhood right now, it's as awful in its own way as his own.]


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